• Delia Papageorgakopoulos

June spotlight: Monthly Dignity





“Menstruation is a biological phenomenon that affects half of the world’s population, yet it remains unreasonably taboo.”

This month’s feature is dedicated to Monthly Dignity, a Montreal-based non-profit that is beginning to evolve into international chapters. Monthly Dignity’s mission is to fight period poverty through the provision of menstrual products to community partners. Period poverty is the lack of adequate menstrual hygiene products and education. It leads to social, educational and professional absenteeism that has devastating impacts on gender equity, even in Quebec. They also list other goals such as “[the destigmatization] of the intersection of menstruation and precarity, to educate on menstrual health and to advocate for menstrual equity.”

Through a three-way collaborative model with menstrual hygiene producers FEMPRO & OrganiCup, Moisson Montreal, and Montreal women’s shelters and day-centers, these dedicated workers ensure their support for small and ethical businesses and commit to keeping sustainability as a cornerstone of operations. They have recently launched a petition demanding the provision of free menstrual products in private and public spaces. If you’d like to support them in their fight for menstrual equity, they kindly ask to please sign and share the petition found in their linktree.

To raise funds, Monthly Dignity relies on the generosity of the public for donations, as well as fundraising events such as bake sales and galas, and merchandise found on their website. As of June 2021/the time of this newsletter, Monthly Dignity is not currently looking for volunteers, however more positions and shifts will be opening in the fall!

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