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The CSU’s Off-Campus Housing and Job Resource Centre is your resource for housing issues and workers’ rights. We provide legal information to students and members of the Concordia community, offer a classifieds website to find work and housing, and give workshops across campus and in the community. Due to COVID-19, we are working remotely until Concordia University reopens. Please email us at hojo@csu.qc.ca to book an appointment and we’ll gladly help you from there! HOJO has a series of annual campaigns on themes such as job and apartment search tools, rental increases, and tenant’s rights. You can also learn a lot about renting in Montreal from our web resource likehome.info, which features an interactive map showing many Montreal neighborhoods and their average apartment rental prices—a perfect apartment hunting tool! The site provides an overview of your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant, too, to prepare you for anything that may happen before, during and after your stay.

The Refugee Center

Immigrants, refugees, and undocumented refugees are in constant need of counsel to overcome their legal hurdles. This type of help is not readily available and requires a high level of discretion that we will offer to all individuals. Our Legal Clinic is available by appointment only as to ensure everyone can be served.

Overall, our team legal team firmly believes in education and preparedness. We embody this belief by aiding visitors to educate themselves on all the legal matters they should be aware of as new residents and as prospective ones. Our Legal Team is currently led by Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard a proud member of the Quebec Bar association. He has a vast experience with refugees and immigration matters.

Legal Aid Appointments During appointments, our legal team can help individuals with a variety of different things including their asylum claims, work permits, study permits and any other issues pertaining to immigration. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Serve the People

All power to the people! Let's get free! Serving free food, spreading awareness about your rights and building people power in Montreal.

Immigrant Workers Center

The Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) defends the rights of immigrants in their places of work and fights for dignity, respect, and justice. Some of our principal objectives include:

  • Popular education about worker’s rights

  • Improving living and working conditions for immigrant workers

  • Mobilizing around workplaces issues (including workplace accidents, harassment, unpaid wages or overtime, maternity leave, etc)

  • Providing a safe place for immigrant workers to receive information, resources, and referrals

Join the IWC to learn about your rights, to fight to improve conditions in your workplace, and to forward the movement for economic and social justice.

If you are interested in donating to the IWC, you can do so here.

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